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    Creating Hope: Working for justice in Catastrohpic Times
    Creating Hope: Working for justice in Catastrohpic Times
    In the 2022 Backhouse Lecture, Yarrow Goodley looks at the critical issue of climate justice-at how our responses to the climate emergency have the potential for great suffering, as well as great redemption. In a world where the rich pollute, and the poor suffer, we do not just need to address our rapidly-warming planet, but also the injustices which drive this environmental catastrophe. In conversation with Quaker and non-Quaker activists, Yarrow explores the history of this crisis, and the despair and hope we must negotiate in coming to grips with a problem of planetary proportions. This crisis offers us an unparalleled opportunity to remake our political, economic and social systems, in ways that support a liveable planet, while addressing the profound injustices of our age, especially racial inequality. Yarrow asks us 'What can we do?' and seeks to offer ways forward that create hope not just for all people, but for all the living creatures on our small bluegreen planet. He was home when he passed. It was quick. It was peaceful. We are grateful for all those things. We are grateful for the time we had with him. We are grateful for all that he gave us, for everything he taught us. We will miss him forever. There are lessons to be learned for those families with disabled children, but perhaps even more so for people who have not directly experienced life with a disabled person.
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