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    Cups with No Handles
    Cups with No Handles
    Memoir of A Grassroots Activist
    There is no place in this world for a single mum without a job. Oh! Why did I ever get married! Why did I have kids? Why did I let myself become trapped like this? ... it seemed to me my life was ruined and I would never ever amount to anything. I have become my mother! I wailed. I was broken. This is the true story of Bette Boyanton, a woman who struggled to overcome the disadvantages of poverty lack of education, inequality and poor health, to become an inspiring social reformer and political activist. Cups with No Handles tells of the battle women face between a public life and the demands of family Bette had a vision of a better world and her activism was an inspiring model for women in following generations. Carolyn Landon is a writer of rare insight, sensitivity and passion. This book gives us an understanding of social and feminist history in the twentieth century, and asks questions about what gives a life value. Her first book, Jackson's Track, won many awards and sold over 60,000 copies.
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    Carolyn Landon
    Genre Biography & Autobiography , Politics & Government , Social Science
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