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    Dance Until It Rains
    Dance Until It Rains
    Life lessons from my mother
    Remember the old school days when you were taught a lesson then given a test? The difference between then and now is instead of school teachers, we have life, which tests us in order to teach us a lesson.Lessons exist each and every day in the life of every single person. They provide us with opportunities to learn, particularly for those who are open to the lessons and who would like to improve their lives. It often takes a major event that shakes us to the core in order to reawaken us to, wake up and learn the lessons or beware the consequences.Like the international bestseller Tuesdays with Morrie, Dance Until It Rains shares the life of a remarkable lady, and in so doing, highlights the amazing lessons that each of us can learn, not only from her life, but also from our own.It is an inspirational story of love, hope, courage and overcoming the many obstacles life throws our way. It will help you to find the motivation to create a better level of wellbeing and a happier life for yourself.Dance Until It Rains helps those who are lacking in direction with inspiring words of wisdom to live fully and in the moment and to treat others with respect, kindness, love and dignity. It urges us to seek joy and stresses the importantance of learning from the lessons life delivers us and changing our behaviour accordingly.Dance Until It Rains is a simple book with simple messages. Through the authors narration of his mothers journey as an immigrant fleeing from a war torn country, to her final death from cancer, Dance Until It Rains delivers a treasure trove of universal life lessons with the most important lesson being - to live life to the fullest.
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    Andrew Jobling
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