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    Denied, Detained, Deported
    Denied, Detained, Deported
    Stories from the Dark Side of American Immigration
    The Statue of Liberty's welcoming arms are a symbol held dear to Americans. But the reality is that the issue of immigration, both today and throughout history, has not always been about welcoming; it has also been about keeping out. Often U.S. immigration policy has been less encompassing and more limiting, and sometimes it has even been ruled by racism, prejudice, political concerns, and fear. Immigrants yearning to breathe free have found themselves denied, as when the St. Louis, a ship filled with Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany, sought refuge in American ports and was turned away. Immigrants have found themselves detained, as when Japanese Americans during World War II were rounded up and placed in detention centers - regardless of their patriotism - for security reasons. And immigrants have found themselves deported, sometimes for their radical political views, as did Emma Goldman, who after 30 years in the U.S. was rounded up and sent back to Russia after she was branded a dangerous extremist. Ann Bausum examines these immigrant stories from history, the stories of the denied, detained, and deported, so that we can learn from past successes - and past mistakes. Shedding light on the dark side of immigration helps inform one of the most important policy debates of our time. It helps us chart a course true to our past and good for our future. It helps us keep the golden lamp of liberty burning bright.
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