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    Depressed & Anxious
    Depressed & Anxious
    Imagine feeling depressed and drained of energy and initiative while also being overwhelmed with feelings of dread and anxiety about the future. The consequence of this intolerable state of mind amounts to behavioral paralysis, a profound loss of control and quality of life. Therapists call this condition co-occuring depression and anxiety. Clinical research suggests that 60 percent of depression sufferers concurrently experience some kind of anxiety disorder. Depressed and Anxious, the first written to general readers about this condition, uses the powerful techniques of dialectical behavior therapy, or DBT, to help you control both conditions.DBT begins with the assumption that psychological problems are the result of feelings or emotional responses that are in conflict. It integrates a range of theraputic techniques to tease apart and resolve the competing internal needs and urges that generate anger, depression, and anxiety. By recognizing these conflicting emotions and forming new expectations, you can alleviate the symptoms generated by these conflicts. The book begins by having you identify your most painful inner conflict. Then you develop compromises that acknowledge the issue but limit its ability to interfere with your life effectively reducing the extent to which your emotions govern who you are or what you are capable of. Exercises focus on assisting you to become more responsive to uplifitng aspects of your environment and tolerant of unavoidable emotions.
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    Thomas Marra
    Genre Self Help
    Dyslexic Edition
    New Harbinger Publishing
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