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    Double Play
    Double Play
    Training and Nutrition Advice from the World's Experts in Baseall
    Roughly 12 million people play baseball in the United States. Add to that the popularity of the sport in Japan, the Dominican Republic, and other Caribbean countries and you have one of the few truly global sports. Double Play was written to help athletes get in better shape to play the best baseball of their lives. Eating right, taking the right supplements, and engaging in a proper training regimen all contribute to overall baseball performance. In the game of baseball, no swing or throw comes from one muscle--the whole body is generating movement and in turn creates power or speed. So for optimal game performance, the entire body has to be effectively strengthened. The comprehensive training program in this book includes; Interval training for proper conditioning Drills for increasing ''baseball speed '' Training schedules for off-season, pre-season, and during season Baseball-specific weight training Double Play provides healthy eating tips, in general and also for game days, and advice on how athletes can safely gain or lose weight. Sports supplements to enhance baseball performance are discussed, as are restorative measures (whirlpools, massages, rehabilitation). The authors of this book call on athletes (and their coaches) to get away from the old-school (and wrong-school) methods of nutrition and training for baseball and embrace the latest scientific advances from the leading experts.
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    Bob Alejo, Jose Antonio and William Campbell
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    Basic Health Publications, Inc.
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