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    Dragon's Claw
    Dragon's Claw
    Sailing in the Tasman Sea Modesty Blaise discovers Luke Fletcher, one of Britain's greatest artists, lost in the middle of the ocean, alone on a raft, and with a strange gap in his memory. It leads her to the mystery of the nest of evil known as Dragon's Claw.<br/>Modesty and her loyal lieutenant, Willie Garvin, become involved in a complex of murder mysteries, struggling against the baffling activities of unknown enemies. Only when Modesty and Willie are helpless captives do they discover the identities of those they must overcome.<br/>Against them are a group of deadly killers working for an unknown master. The Reverend Uriah Crisp is an ordained minister and the greatest shot with a handgun in the world, and believes that his victims are sinners who deserve their fate. Beauregard Browne is a master of disguise and mimicry, who kills his victims using the famous handkerchief trick, and is accompanied by his county companion, Clarissa de Courtney - Scott.<br/>As usual ingenuity and resourcefulness help Modesty and Willie win the day as they escape Dragon's Claw and find themselves in a fight to the death.<br/>
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    Book Author
    Peter O'Donnell
    Genre Crime & Thrillers , Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Souvenir Press
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