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    Dream Factories
    Dream Factories
    Why Universities Won't Solve the Youth Jobs Crisis
    Authors' previous books together sold well. Campus Confidential (2011) has sold over 6,000 copies, and What to Consider If You're Considering University (2014) has sold more than 2,200 copies to date. Co-author Ken Coates is an active guest on many radio and television programs and a regular contributor to the print media. For more information, go to Coates is also regular speaker through the National Speakers Bureau. For more information, go to Education and over-education are hot topics right now. See the title article of The Economist, April 2015: ''''''''The Whole World Is Going to University: Is It Worth It?'''''''' Youth unemployment is also a hot topic. Youth unemployment stands at 13.6 percent nationally and 17.1 percent in Ontario.
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    Ken S. Coates and Bill Morrison
    Genre Education
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    Dundurn Press
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