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    Emotional Fitness for Couples
    Emotional Fitness for Couples
    This book offers you a step-by-step progam you can use to hone your relationship skills to championship levels-in just ten minutes a day. You can use the book alone, or you can try the exercises with your partner, going through the book in order or choosing those chapters most relevant to your particular goals. Each chapter is short-about two or three pages-and succinct. They combine easy exercises and tools with concise, snappy commentary on issues. Topics include: what the word "love" really means; the importance of physical touch; how to date your mate; how to achieve emotional balance; ways to deal with finances; tricks for stopping an argument before it starts; goal-setting strategies for couples; ways to deal with being apart; tips for coping with hurt before it turns into resentment; and much more.
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    Book Author
    Barton Goldsmith
    Genre Self Help
    Dyslexic Edition
    New Harbinger Publishing
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