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    Every Dog Has Its Day
    Every Dog Has Its Day
    A Thousand Things You Didn't Know About Man's Best Friend
    Why has Fido become a generic term for all dogs? Why did hundreds of people collect dog faeces - and sell it? Dogs never eat other dogs, so why is it a dog - eat - dog world? Did any dogs survive the Titanic? What is a Yorkipoo? Do mad dogs really go out in the midday sun? Every Dog Has Its Day pays homage to man's best friend, telling the stories of famous dogs in history, tracing the origins of some of our favourite breeds, showing how dogs have become a significant part of our language, and describing the amazing range of activities in which dogs are involved. Written with Max Cryer's characteristic light touch and sense of humour, this is a fascinating - and sometimes surprising - collection of historical facts and eccentricities of language. It will delight all dog - lovers and anyone with a morsel of interest in the world around them.
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    Max Cryer
    Genre Pets
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Exisle Publishing
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