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    Family Fun and Fitness
    Family Fun and Fitness
    'Faimly Fun and Fitness' is Knute Keeling's plan to help you take back control of yur family's health and ensure that your child gets the best possible start. Keeling's plan focuses on the formative years from pre-conception through the early school-age years. At each stage, Keeling shows how you and your child can get moving with physical activities and workout routines (illustrated with photos); eat well with a nutritious diet and nutrition-packed foods (with recipes); and overcome hard-to-resist, lest-than-healthful habits with simple strategies (plus some tricks and tips). Keeling includes dozens of great ideas--prenatal boogie sessions, jungle gym workouts, meals with 'energy foods,' and the like--to keep you and your child excited about learning to eat well, exercise regularly, and lose weight. Tapping into his years of training expertise and personal experience as a father of two, Keeling helps parents commit to the hard work involved in making these lifestyle changes, empowers them to lead by their good example, and delivers a plan that promises a lifelong love of exercise and healthful eating, and a whole lot of family fun.
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