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    Fighting Cancer
    Fighting Cancer
    A Nontoxic Approach to Treatment
    Fighting Cancer describes the Gorter Model, an integrative, nontoxic approach to cancer treatment that mobilizes the immune system. It was developed by Robert Gorter, MD, PhD, who in 1976 recovered from Stage IV testicular cancer by using nontoxic treatment and no chemotherapy or radiation. Based on self-experience, extensive research, and decades of clinical practice, the treatment consists of supporting the immune system using fever therapy (hyperthermia), inoculation with immune cells, the use of the botanical mistletoe (Viscum album) the single most commonly prescribed anti-cancer medication in much of Europe supportive nutrients, and diet and lifestyle changes. Organized into three parts, Fighting Cancer presents a clear overview of the model, the research behind it, and strategies for strengthening natural immunity. Emphasizing stress reduction and minimizing toxic exposure, the authors provide practical guidance for patients: questions to ask doctors after diagnosis and advice for evaluating options, gathering information, and getting second opinions. Included are powerful testimonials from patients most of whom have outlived their prognosis and, in some cases, achieved complete and sustained remission.
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    Robert Gorter and Erik Peper
    Genre Family, Health & Fitness
    Dyslexic Edition
    North Atlantic Books
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