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    Finding Kerra
    Finding Kerra
    Beyond Borders (book 3)
    It's been six months since Jaime Richards' best friend died. Everyone still gives the incident a wide berth with a polite, 'How are you now?' But she's not all right. So for the school holidays, Jaime decides to head Far North to Blake Townsend's station home. He's always been the one to listen, but she soon realises that Blake isn't the guy she knew at school. Not only does she find out he has a sister, Kerra, whom he's never mentioned, but Jaime discovers what a devastating effect a mysterious secret has on the Townsend family. Kerra has believed a lie all her life and through storytelling, Jaime hopes to unearth the secret before it's too late. Sometimes we just need to know we are loved. A heartfelt tale of belonging, love and the healing power of story.
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    US$ 18.99

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    Rosanne Hawke
    Genre Young Adult Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Wombat Books
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