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    Handbook for Highly Sensitive People
    Handbook for Highly Sensitive People
    Are you often told to stop taking things to heart or to toughen up? Do you have a lot of empathy for others? Overanalyze things and get 'stuck in your own head'? Or become easily overwhelmed and frequently need to withdraw? If the answer isYES, you are probably a Highly Sensitive Person and this Handbook will be your survival guide!<br/><br/>One in five people are born with the trait of high sensitivity. Yet, there is a general lack of awareness of the trait in our society, which leaves many people struggling physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually with being highly sensitive in a non-sensitive world. More often than not, HSPs are yearning for acceptance of their trait, not just from other people but also for themselves. When they realize their sensitivity is 'normal' and it's acknowledged in a positive way, a deep sense of relief arises and they can begin to flourish - feeling empowered to bring their unique abilities of empathy, compassion, creativity, healing and much more into the world. Presented in four sections that lead the reader on a journey of true holistic self-understanding, the book starts with a section exploring the main qualities and challenges of the trait, and how it can be a real gift in life; not a flaw. The second section then delves into impacts of living as an HSP, such as the many masks that they tend to wear (people-pleasing and so on), the relationships they attract, and how they can start on the journey to feeling more valued. The third section provides a wide range of practical strategies to manage the trait more effectively, from more self-love, coping with over-arousal, tapping for emotional freedom, energy protection, dealing with loss and bereavement, and tuning into the healing power of animals. And the final section touches on the more spiritual aspect of life that many HSPs are searching for, whether knowingly or not - from past-life themes to the unseen world, such as angels - in their quest to fully accept themselves, and to live the authentic, fulfilling lives they deserve.<br/><br/>Review: 'This book is a major contribution to the subject of intuitive sensitivity and its relationship to the evolution of human consciousness. It provides an insightful and instructive understanding of this profound subject, and the various other experiences that often accompany it. Filled with a rich assortment of helpful tools, it is a must-read.'<br/>-William Meader, author, international lecturer and teacher of esoteric philosophy<br/><br/>'I have known Mel for 17 years and she brings light and energy in all that she does. This book is an extension of that and will bring a huge insight to thousands of people.'<br/>-Alan Dudley, retired Principal Officer, HM Prison Service<br/><br/>'Congratulations to Mel for publishing this book to help others deal with the issues that come from being 'highly sensitive' at a time when there is so much fear and uncertainty about the future, and so many people are struggling to make sense and find purpose in their lives.'<br/>- Juanita Puddifoot, transpersonal counsellor and council member of Woolger Training International<br/><br/>'Authentic healing is a difficult experiential process, with breakthroughs of joy interspersed with extended times of hard graft and challenge, even more intensified for Highly Sensitive People than for others. Having been just one of Mel's many teachers, I know that she has long been committed to such a soul-path, and find it hard to imagine anyone who would not benefit from reading her book. She writes inspiringly from deep experience, and can be trusted to convey truth. I hope it will have the wide circulation it deserves.'<br/>- Jen Kershaw, Psychotherapist and Member of Soul-Voyagers Network<br/><br/>'I had the privilege of working with Mel in a prison setting. I witnessed her amazing ability to empower some of the most difficult clients to make positive changes in their lives. I truly believe her book will have a positive effect on many people.'<br/>-Haydn Evans, Integrated Substance Misuse Service Manager and Former Prison Officer<br/><br/>'It took me a long time to see the positive in being a sensitive. But now I consider it the source of my creativity, helping me tune into my clients at a deeper level. This book is exactly what we need: a roadmap to being a HSP. It will help you understand, manage and make the most of the gift of sensitivity.'<br/>- Miriam Akhtar MAPP, leading Positive Psychology coach, consultant, trainer and author<br/><br/>'We can get relief by understanding our high sensitivity and by learning to view it as a gift rather than a flaw - which is where this great book comes in. Thank you Mel for writing about it, and for coming on my radio show and changing the lives of so many of my listeners.'<br/>- Jeremy Vine, Broadcaster and Journalist<br/><br/>'A ground-breaking self-help book'<br/>-The Daily Mail
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