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    Have You Seen Ally Queen?
    Have You Seen Ally Queen?
    Ally Queen, aged fifteen, is uprooted from her comfortable city existence and dumped in bogans -ville. Her mum, after witnessing a hit-and-run, is suffering from post-traumatic stress. The quiet country life is meant to improve things, but it just seems to make things worse for Mum, for Ally, for everyone. Ally finds it hard to find her place in the new town, after all there are only three types of people there: bogans, surfies and organic spinach-munching hippies. She s finding it hard, too, to figure out her place in the family. She misses the way things used to be. She misses doing stuff with her dad and her little brother. But she s a teenager now. Teenaged girls don t go fishing. Even if they really like it. And she misses her mum. When she meets Rel, it seems she s hit rock bottom. But first impressions can be deceptive. As Ally starts to relax into herself, she finds life doesn t need to be as hard as she makes it. In this absorbing story of first love and self-discovery, Deb Fitzpatrick has created an utterly convincing character in a completely believable world, while at the same time filling her pages with luminous prose and poignant profundity.
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    Deb Fitzpatrick
    Genre Young Adult Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Fremantle Press
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