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    Healing Your Past Lives
    Healing Your Past Lives
    Through thousands of cases, Dr. Roger Woolger has witnessed the power of past-life therapy to treat mysterious and unexplained symptoms. As Dr. Woolger says, ''So many cases of 'incurable' depression, phobias, anxieties, and physical illnesses find complete resolution when the cause is healed from beyond the current life.'' With Healing Your Past Lives, Dr. Woolger provides step-by-step instruction for using his safe and effective Deep Memory Process, to explore our own past life memories-and resolve emotional blocks that can profoundly affect our present-day health and happiness. Join Dr. Woolger to explore: The key signs and symptoms of past-life trauma. How to gain insights into the purpose of your life today from past-life memories. Case studies and research on karma, reincarnation, and the past-life phenomenon from around the world. A companion audio CD with five guided past-life regressions for letting go of anger, shame, self-criticism, and limiting beliefs.
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