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    Her Sister's Voice
    Her Sister's Voice
    The Voice takes possession of a sleeping child. She wakes, terrified….By the time Leila turns fifteen, she is living under the tyranny of the The Voice. What started out as a whisper inside her head has grown into a sinister presence that haunts her every move. It started with the twitches; everybody thought it was just a phase. But as Leila gets older The Voice's commands become increasingly dangerous, and she embarks upon a struggle against food that threatens to endanger her life. Leila's troubles begin to have a disturbing impact on family life, and her younger sister Jenna finds herself growing up fast. Besides, Jenna has some new feelings of her own to deal with. When new boy Charlie moves in next door romance comes knocking. But has she got space in her life for Charlie and for Leila? There are lots of questions that need to be answered. Why is the shadow that follows Leila around growing in size? And what are the secrets that Leila is keeping? Awash in Leila's world, Jenna tries to untangle her complex web of problems, in a bid to prise her sister from the clutches of the dark force that threatens to consume her. This debut novel for young adults deals with complex issues affecting teenagers today. Her Sister's Voice won the Islington Teen Read Award 2014.
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    Lesley Cheetham
    Genre Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Albury Books
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