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    Man Drought
    Man Drought
    Imogen Bates is tired of being the widow. Wanting to get away from Perth and the<br/>painful memories of her old life with late husband Jamie, she buys a run - down pub in<br/>small rural town Gibson's Find, hoping to start a new, different kind of life for herself.<br/>Sheep and crop farmer Gibson Black always dreamed of a family like his grandfather<br/>(Charlie) reminisces about. However when his city - chick wife fled his farm and his life,<br/>Gibson soured on the institution of marriage, vowing never to enter it again. He likes<br/>living in Gibson's Find because it suffers a severe female drought. However, Imogen has<br/>plans for the town…and him.<br/>Can Imogen convince Gibson, and herself, to love again?<br/>''If you haven't picked up one of the many rural lit novels on the market yet, then<br/>perhaps you should start with Rachael Johns! A tear - jerking, moving love story set in a<br/>small country town, bound to have you anxiously awaiting another title by this<br/>Australian author.'' - Jayne Fordham, Australian Bookshelf
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    Rachael Johns
    Genre Romance , Fiction
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    Harlequin Books Australia
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