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    Mistress of Greyladies
    Mistress of Greyladies
    During World War I, the ancient manor house of Greyladies in rural Wiltshire is<br/>requisitioned for a hospital. Its mistress, Harriet Latimer, her husband Joseph<br/>and their two sons are allowed to stay in part of the house, but when tragedy<br/>strikes Joseph's brothers, his future at Greyladies is at risk. Latimer family<br/>legend says a new mistress will be found to look after the house, yet how does<br/>this happen?<br/>In Swindon, Phoebe Sinclair is unaware of her connection to Greyladies and the<br/>Latimers. When her German employers are interned because of the war, she<br/>loses her job. Worse still, her brutish step-cousin Frank tries to force her to<br/>marry him and Phoebe has no choice but to flee to London.<br/>A chance encounter leads her to a new life as a nursing assistant in the VAD<br/>(voluntary aid detachments), and to a blossoming friendship with Captain Corin<br/>McMinty. When Phoebe is posted to the hospital at Greyladies, she feels she's<br/>come home. But Frank is still pursuing her and Corin has his own problems.<br/>With obstacles at every turn, can Phoebe find happiness and embrace the role<br/>of mistress of Greyladies?<br/>
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    Anna Jacobs
    Genre Romance , Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Allison & Busby
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