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    Multiple Sclerosis
    Multiple Sclerosis
    The Questions You Have-The Answers You Need, 4th Edition
    What goes wrong when a person has MS?What drugs are used to treat MS?When should I consider complementary and alternative medicine to treat my MS?What can I do to keep myself as healthy as possible despite my MS?How common is depression in MS?The thoroughly revised and updated fourth edition of the classic Multiple Sclerosis; The Questions You Have, The Answers You Need continues to be the definitive guide for everyone concerned with this disease those who have MS, those who share their lives with someone who has it, and all healthcare professionals involved with its management. It covers a wide range of topics in an accessible question and answer format that allows people to easily find the information they need. Within each section, MS experts including neurologists, nurses, rehabilitation and mental health professionals, lawyers, and insurance and employment experts, answer the questions they have been asked most frequently over the course of their careers. Each chapter is designed to cover the full spectrum of the disease from the time of diagnosis through the complex challenges that can arise if the disease progresses." 214 297 Rosalind C. Kalb, PhD - Dr. Rosalind Kalb, a clinical psychologist, is Director of the Professional Resource Center at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in New York, where she develops and provides educational and consultation services to clinicians who care for people with MS. In her private clinical practice, she specializes in the needs of individuals and families living with chronic illness and disability. She serves on the editorial board of several publications, including the International Journal of MS Care.
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