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    Murdering Americans (Baroness Jack Troutbeck)
    Murdering Americans (Baroness Jack Troutbeck)
    Being a member of the House of Lords and Mistress of St Martha's College in Cambridge might seem enough to keep anyone busy, but Baroness (Jack) Troutbeck likes new challenges. When a combination of weddings, work, and spookery deprives her of five of her closest allies, Jack leaps at an invitation to become a Distinguished Visiting Professor on an American campus. With her head full of romantic fantasies inspired by 1950s Holly - wood, and accompanied by Horace, her loquacious and disconcerting parrot, this intellectually - rigorous right - winger sets off from England blissfully unaware that academia in the United States is dominated by knee - jerk liberalism, contempt for Western civilization, and the institutionalisation of a form of insane political - correctness. Will the bonne viveuse Baroness Troutbeck be able to cope with the culinary and vinous desert that is New Paddington, Indiana? Can this insensitive and tactless human battering - ram defeat the thought - police who run Freeman State University like a gulag? Does she believe the late Provost was murdered? If so, what should she do about it? And will she manage to persuade Robert Amiss - who describes himself bitterly as Watson to her Holmes and Goodwin to her Nero Wolfe - to abandon his honey - moon and fly to her side?
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    Ruth Dudley Edwards
    Genre Comedy & Humour , Crime & Thrillers , Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Poisoned Pen Press
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