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    On Hunting
    On Hunting
    A Definitive Study of the Mind, Body, and Ecology of the Hunter in the Modern World
    Hunting is our heritage, our heart, and our future.<br/>Where does hunting fit in the modern world? To many, it can seem outdated or even cruel, but as On Hunting affirms, hunting is holistic, honest, and continually relevant. Authors Grossman, Miller, and Cunningham dive deep into the ancient past of hunting and examine its position today, demonstrating that we cannot understand humanity without first understanding hunting. Readers will<br/>- discover how hunting formed us,<br/>- examine hunting ethics and their adaptation to modernity,<br/>- understand the challenges, traditions, and reverence of today's hunter,<br/>- identify hunting skills and their many applications outside the field,<br/>- learn why hunting is critical to ecological restoration and preservation, and<br/>- gain inspiration to share hunting with others.<br/>Drawing from ecology, philosophy, and anthropology and sprinkled with campfire stories, this wide-ranging examination has rich depths for both nonhunters and hunters alike. On Hunting shows that we need hunting still-and so does the wild earth we inhabit.
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    Lt Col Dave Grossman, Linda K Miller and Keith A Cunningham
    Genre Philosophy
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    BroadStreet Publishing
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