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    Secret Sins (Callie Anson Mysteries)
    Secret Sins (Callie Anson Mysteries)
    Life may not be getting any easier for curate Callie Anson, but it is definitely getting more interesting. Her relationship with policeman Marco Lombardi grows ever warmer, even though he seems to be keeping her at arms length from his close Italian family. Ironically, her brother Peter, beloved and engaging as he is, gets a bit too close for comfort when he moves into her London flat. Callie faces professional challenges as well. Morag Hamilton, a new parishioner, is worried about her granddaughter Alex - a lonely and isolated twelve - year - old with a work - obsessed father and a self - absorbed stepmother. If Morag knew how much time Alex spends on the internet, she would have even more cause for worry. Meanwhile, Detective Inspector Neville Stewart tries to put his personal problems on hold as he deals with Rachel Norton, a pregnant young woman with a missing husband. With the birth of their first baby only a few days away, why would Trevor Norton go out jogging along the Paddington canal and not return? Trevor's disappearance may not be what it seems. Just when Neville thinks he's solved it, someone else goes missing: young Alex Hamilton.
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    Kate Charles
    Genre Crime & Thrillers , Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Poisoned Pen Press
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