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    Adventures in Sex, Love and Laughter
    The Body is Designed for Pleasure In a world where women are having sex they don't want in order to please men they don't much like; where men take more pleasure on internet sites than in their own lovers and the pressure is constantly on to be having great, ''red hot'' sex all the time - where even Caitlin Moran admits she baulks at using the word ''masturbation'' - this is essential reading. Beginning with a women's workshop where she has to get completely naked, Isabel journeys on behalf of all women through the first international conference of clitoral stroking, is informed of eleven different forms of orgasm - ten of which she hasn't had - and endures NHS Kegel exercises and mystical sensations with tantric masters. Irreverent yet open-minded, Sensation is both moving and challenging. For anyone who has ever been tempted to dip their toes in the deep waters of sexual exploration, Isabel Losada plunges you straight in. In the way that Cathy Rentzenbrink and Matt Haig have brought the conversations about bereavement and depression respectively into the open, Isobel Losada's Sensation will do the same for sex, pleasure and relationships. ''Nakedly frank and frankly nakedly necessary'' - Caroline Sanderson, The Bookseller ''Candid, thought-provoking, sassy and very, very funny.'' - Mick Brown, Daily Telegraph, on Isobel Losada
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