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    Settling Day
    Settling Day
    The much - awaited sequel to the Age Non - fiction Book of the Year winner Ten Hail Marys. Following on from Ten Hail Marys, which chronicled her volatile upbringing and the fight to save her son from the forced adoption practices of the time, Kate Howarth's extraordinary life continues in Settling Day. Thrust out of her son's life while he is still a toddler, teenaged Kate has to rely on her wits and courage to start life anew. Filled with remorse and an unwavering determination to be reunited with her son, so begins Kate's journey as she fights injustice and prejudice to create a better life. She amasses a fortune helping to build one of Australia's most successful recruitment companies, only to lose it all in a contentious legal battle. Kate once again manages to rebuild her life after a major injury, but is always haunted by her lost son. Settling Day is a remarkable story of resilience that highlights the still prevalent injustices that many women face at work and at home. It took Kate Howarth more than 50 years to discover the true meaning and power of unconditional love.
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    Kate Howarth
    Genre Biography & Autobiography
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    University Queensland Press
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