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    Shoot the Lawyer Twice (Rep and Melissa Pennyworth Mysteries)
    Shoot the Lawyer Twice (Rep and Melissa Pennyworth Mysteries)
    When a frat boy finds himself on trial in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for piracy on the high seas, Lawyer Rep Pennyworth, suspects he's being used as an unwitting accomplice in a cheap publicity stunt. Meanwhile Rep's wife Melissa, a professor, gets caught in the middle of a verbal firefight between two colleagues that soon escalates into burglary, theft, jury - tampering, forgery of an explosive papal document from World War II - and murder. Melissa wants to protect a naive undergraduate who might be implicated. But when one of the other suspects makes Melissa a cast - iron alibi, her search for the truth leads through a maze of gray lies - including her own. Dealing with an investigative reporter who's still having flashbacks to 1968, a fellow professor whose acute political correctness masks ruthless academic ambition, an engineer whose father's heart attack may have been either suicide or murder, and a brace of cunning lawyers out for blood, Rep and Melissa have to combine their talents to stay off the casualty list....
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    US$ 24.99

    Book Author
    Michael Bowen
    Genre Crime & Thrillers , Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Poisoned Pen Press
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