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    Some Like It Hot
    Some Like It Hot
    ome Like It Hot is a fun and feisty collection of 350 recipes drawn from all the cuisines of the world with a tradition of spicy food. From the moles of Mexico to the kimchi of Korea, from the curries of India to the piri - piri of Africa, this world of exceptionally piquant food has captivated the American palate. A 2002 Food and Wine magazine poll found that 75 percent of Americans love spicy food, while 22 percent '' crave fire.'' Clifford Wright takes readers on a culinary tour of the world's '' hot zones'' - the 14 geographic areas where the spiciest foods are consumed, notably Southeast Asia, China, India, West Africa, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Morocco, the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America, and Louisiana and the American Southwest. Wright has traveled extensively throughout these areas and eaten every kind of spicy dish he could find, and in this book he has recreated those dishes with delicious accuracy and authenticity. He only includes dishes that are intended to be spicy, not '' doctored up'' versions of traditionally mild foods (for example, you won't find a recipe here for '' spicy fettuccine alfredo'' ). The recipes in Some Like It Hot give spicy food lovers a passport to some of the world's most flavorful and piquant cuisines, such as Chicken Cooked in Hell (Cameroon), Shrimp in Pumpkin Seed - Coriander Sauce (Thailand), Fiery Fennel Couscous (Tunisia), Lamb in Spicy Cardamom and Rose Water Yogurt Sauce (Northwest India), Incendiary Pork and Egg Stew (Bolivia), and Spicy Zucchini in the '' Sauce that Dances'' (Algeria). The book also includes a chapter on cool accompaniments for the fiery dishes, a glossary of spicy ingredients, and an extensive guide to online resources for purchasing specialty ingredients. Some Like It Hot is the only authentic, comprehensive collection of spicy cuisine recipes from around the world, sure to delight the ever - growing population of spicy food lovers who are always looking for that next hot thing.
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