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    Stand Strong America
    Stand Strong America
    Courage, Freedom, and Hope for Tomorrow
    Americans are weary of the poor character and decisions of their leaders. Widespread corruption has led many to lose hope and succumb to fear. Every day Americans nervously watch the national debt climb to a whopping $20 trillion (with no solutions in sight). Government bailouts are the norm, and entitlement spending is out of control. Civil unrest and racial divide intensify. Drug use, porn obsession, and human trafficking increase. Terrorist threats and attacks are a daily occurrence. The exercise of free speech is becoming a thing of the past. Stand Strong America provides Americans real answers and courage to stand strong in the midst of uncertainty and fear-offering a vision of hope that reignites the fervor and courageous faith that existed when the republic of America was created. Authors Jason Jimenez and Alex McFarland chart the amazing story of how America became the greatest nation on earth and what Americans must do to regain that greatness. Be encouraged and empowered by this clear and invigorating message that will challenge you to love God, cherish freedom, pray for a better tomorrow, make a difference, and stand strong no matter the cost.
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    Jason Jimenez and Alex McFarland
    Genre Christian , Religion & Beliefs
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    BroadStreet Publishing
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