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    Stop & Think
    Stop & Think
    The Seven Habits of Healthy Living
    This book is about putting your body in a position to win. How? Stop and Think. You need to take time every day to stop what you're doing, stop rushing around, and stop making the same old choices you always do. Then, think about your lifestyle and your health, about what you're putting into your body on a daily basis. You want to have a life that's long and healthy, but are you even asking yourself what it's going to take? There's a lot of information out there supporting good habits and healthy living. Now is the time to use that information for your own sake. Andrew Tutino tells you straight out what you need to know to get real each and every day about what is going to help your body and what is going to hurt it. This book will help you do that with the ''Seven Habits of Healthy Living.'' Stop and Think is a program to help you increase your consciousness and guide you to solid knowledge about your health. You'll find practical, proven advice on choosing the right foods when eating out, the importance of drinking water for health, and how to overcome your resistance to positive change. Life is about making choices, so why not make good choices? It's all about knowing the differences and the effects on your body and sticking to the good choices. When it comes to putting your body in a position to win, no one can do it better than you. And sometimes all you need is to know the facts and get a little encouragement to keep going. Stop and Think can help you stay on the road to health.
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