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    Swing Wide
    Swing Wide
    A Story About Love, Sexual Identity, and How God Redefined It All
    Swing Wide is a love story, not a gay story. After years of believing she was 'born this way,' Keri hit a wall when faced with the decision to marry a woman. With a slight hesitation in her heart and a faint memory of the love she once had for Jesus, Keri chose to walk away from the life she knew and gave God the chance to show her who she was made to be. 'This is the love I have always longed for. Jesus picked me up, cleaned me off, renewed my mind and re-wired my desires.'It's a story about experiencing the greatest love of all - the love that knows no bounds. Through heartfelt stories that will make you laugh and cry in one breath, Keri Cardinale shares her personal journey of how she came to identify herself as a homosexual, sensed a hint of doubt that life could be different, and eventually made the decision to trust God enough to show her who He created her to be.
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    US$ 19.99

    Book Author
    Keri Cardinale
    Genre Christian , Religion & Beliefs
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Bridge-Logos Publishers
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