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    Take Control of Your Life
    Take Control of Your Life
    The Five-step Plan to Health and Happiness
    Why am I unhappy? How can I start living the life I want? What will make me happier?<br/>'Take Control of Your Life' answers questions such as these. The author, internationally recognised psychologist Dr Gail Ratcliffe, suggests that the first step is to identify what is out of balance in your life. She maintains that everyone's life is in some way or another affected by stress, and that recognising its many guises is the first stage in securing your own happiness.<br/>In her easy - to - read and practical style, Dr Ratcliffe explores the connections between our thoughts and our emotional responses, and the many ways that these can lead to stress. She explains how different types of stress can have seriious consequences: they can affect your peace of mind, alter your behaviour or damage your physical wellbeing.<br/>'Take Control of Your Life' combines medical, psychological and pysiological facts with useful case studies to help improve your health and happiness.<br/>
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