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    Teaching That Changes Lives
    Teaching That Changes Lives
    12 Mindset Tools for Igniting the Love of Learning
    Since writing her international bestseller Change Your Questions, Change Your Life, Marilee Adams has increasingly been responding to speaking and consulting requests from educators. Drawing on what she has learned from these experiences she presents the ultimate guide for teachers looking to change the lives of their students while significantly improving their own lives in the process. Adams weaves a compelling story of one teacher's lasting impact on a student to demonstrate how educators can practice and pass on what she calls the Learner Mindset-consistently asking the kind of open-minded, creative, positive questions that encourage curiosity and growth. She contrasts this with the Judger mindset - negative, close-minded, and limiting - that we all too easily succumb to, particularly under pressure - and, as she shows, teachers today are under enormous pressure. Complete with a field-ready workbook that brings Adams' tools for cultivating a Learner mindset directly into the classroom, this book will help teachers become more resilient and better able to nurture a lifelong love of learning in even their most hard-to-reach students.
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