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    Ten Thousand Horses
    Ten Thousand Horses
    How Leaders Harness Raw Potential for Extraordinary Results
    The people who work for you, whether few or many, are capable of doing much more to advance your enterprise, for your own - as well as their own - great gain. As a matter of fact, most of them would like to do more than they're doing, contribute more powerfully, and make a greater difference. No kidding! For the most part, human beings carry around an unspoken yearning to get to the end of their workday - not to mention their work life - feeling that it was actually worth it. You can make this happen! As a leader, you can make the difference that allows the folks whose paychecks you sign to make their difference. Not only can you make this happen, but as the leader, you're the one - yes, this too is verified by research - who decides whether or not it does happen. Leadership makes the difference! May this story and the work tools that come along with it encourage and equip you to start today.
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    John Stahl-Wert
    Genre Business & Economics
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    Berrett-Koehler Publishers
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