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    The 3 Gaps
    The 3 Gaps
    Are You Making a Difference?
    We all ask ourselves the question, ''''Has my life made a difference?'''' We want our lives to have meaning. We want to live balanced, productive lives in which we contribute through our work, our relationships, and our example to others. And we search for inner peace to deal with all of the chaos that exists in the world today. In this new book, Franklin Covey cofounder Hyrum Smith shows that the key to achieving a meaningful, fulfilling, and peaceful life is closing three gaps that we all struggle with. The first is the BELIEF GAP: the gap between what we believe to be true and what is actually true. The second is the TIME GAP: the gap between what we plan to do - our goals and dreams - and what we actually get done. The third is the VALUES GAP: the gap between what we value - what matters most to us - and what we actually do. Using inspiring true stories of people who have overcome difficult challenges, the author tells how to close each of these three gaps in our personal and work lives. Smith provides new understanding and tools to move from the life we currently have to the life we really want.
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    Hyrum W. Smith
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