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    The Acid Danger
    The Acid Danger
    Combating Acidosis Correctly
    THE ACID DANGER Combating Acidosis Correctly Most people are familiar with the concept of a negative shift in pH balance (also called the acid/alkaline balance), but most are unaware of its relationship to other health problems and diseases. Acidosis - a condition in which the body is excessively acidic - is often at the root of many common health complaints. Acidosis can affect every level of the human body, including mental outlook, metabolism, organs, tissues, cells, molecules, atoms, and chromosomes. All too often, acidosis-related health problems are not recognized for what they are and are diagnosed as incurable or treated improperly. Many people are led to believe that they have no choice but to learn to live with the assorted complications of acidosis, without knowing exactly what they're up against. As Dr. Wolfgang Auer explains, this condition and its consequences can be prevented and reversed. In The Acid Danger, you'll find the basic ideas and facts about acidosis. You'll learn about the causes of this condition and steps you can take to cure or prevent the problem. If you suspect that you have acidosis, reading this book can help you avoid misdiagnosis and unsuccessful treatment. It is up to you to take control of your health. The Acid Danger provides the tools, but you must use them to regain good health.
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