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    The Amazing Water Bottle Workout
    The Amazing Water Bottle Workout
    No Gym? No Weights? No Problem!
    The days of schlepping to an expensive, dirty, sweaty gym are over. The Amazing Water Bottle Workout offers the simplest, most practical approach to fitness - anywhere, anytime. A liter of water weighs three pounds; a gallon weighs nine pounds, making water bottles (plastic or stainless) the best possible resistance devices. All it takes is a water bottle for an efficient, affordable, and effective workout. Water bottle workouts are perfect for travelers, soccer moms, busy executives, families, beginners, regular exercisers who want to increase their fitness levels - and anyone who needs a quick and efficient fitness program. Authors Jason S. Greenspan and Lee Noonan deliver: Carefully conceived workouts for the whole body Challenging workouts for every fitness level Strength and endurance workouts Time and balance workouts The authors' self-guided water bottle routines work all muscle groups with instructions for all fitness levels, warnings about common mistakes, and cautions for those with knee and back pain. Included are more than forty exercises with photos demonstrating proper technique, plus core work, balance and stretching, and water bottle weight charts. With The Amazing Water Bottle Workout, gyms and cumbersome home exercise equipment are pass. Water bottles are today's cheap, safe, easily obtainable, and environmentally friendly exercise equipment.
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    Jason S. Greenspan and Lee Noonan
    Genre Family, Health & Fitness
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Basic Health Publications, Inc.
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