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    The Archaeolojesters, Book 1
    The Archaeolojesters, Book 1
    (ages 9 - 12) Could ancient Egyptians have made it as far north as Manitoba? That's what Cody and his friends want the experts to think, as they orchestrate an archaeological hoax that puts their town on the map. Life is getting more dismal by the minute in Sultana, Manitoba. Thanks to a dry season that nearly dried up the river, the campers aren't coming anymore. There aren't even enough tourists to keep the local restaurant busy, and if Cody's best friend's mom loses her job there, the family will have to move away. Cody needs to come up with a plan to put the spotlight on Sultana, or he could wind up being the only 12 - year - old left! Cody, his best friend Eric, and Eric's twin sister, Rachel, concoct an elaborate hoax that transforms this tiny town into a hotbed of activity. An ''ancient Egyptian'' tablet is discovered, and suddenly archaeologists, reporters, and tourists are rushing over to take a look. Business couldn't be better! The kids are convinced that their plan has succeeded ... until one suspicious stranger starts trailing every move that Cody and his friends make, and they realize their hoax may have gone too far. Who knew that messing with ancient Egypt could be so dangerous - maybe even deadly? This archaeological adventure is full of tricks, twists, and danger.
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    Andreas Oertel
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