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    The DHA Story
    The DHA Story
    DHA is an essential building block of the membranes of brain cells and retinal photoreceptors. In fact, each and every cell membrane in the body gains strength and flexibility from this omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid. DHA has been shown to deactivate the enzymes that destroy cartilage and is therefore useful in protecting against arthritis. In addition, it is a biochemical sponge that can literally soak up the free radicals which are responsible for a host of degenerative diseases. And low levels of DHA have been implicated in ADD - attention deficit disorder - Alzheimer's and depression. In fact, studies reveal that brains of Alzheimer's patients have 30 percent less DHA than brains of comparably aged people who do not have the disease. In The DHA Story: How Nature's Super Nutrient Can Save Your Life, noted physician and author Robert Abel Jr., M.D., delivers the scientific evidence for the importance of this amazing nutrient. In so doing, he takes the reader on a journey through time, back to discover the very base of the food chain...back to a time before synthetic chemicals and refined foods had interfered with the framework of living cells. You'll learn how to use that framework to help you counteract the negative effects of refined sugar and flour, saturated fats and oils, artificial sweeteners and colorings, alcohol and pollutants. The DHA Story: How Nature's Super Nutrient Can Save Your Life will help you increase your consumption of DHA to improve your vital functions and mental status.
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