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    The Dirty Beggar Living in My Head
    The Dirty Beggar Living in My Head
    One Guy's Musings About Evil and Hell
    A bunch of ideas are running around Don Everts's head. Some are permanent residents. Others are visitors, just passing through. When they all get together, some odd things start happening. In this visit to Don Everts's head, we meet THE DIRTY BEGGAR. He's hunched over, with bloodshot eyes and dressed in a dark, baggy robe. He's usually silent, sulking in a corner, but sometimes, late at night, he whispers in a hoarse, raspy voice. And nobody wants to hear the stories he tells, stories of evil and wrath and judgment. Relax stuff happens thinks that the beggar is bent out of shape over nothing. Middle class spirituality can't bear the beggar's intolerance. And truth is relative dismisses the beggar's absolutism. But regardless of what they think, the other ideas can't escape being confronted by the beggar. THE DIRTY BEGGAR is one of the most unpleasant, uncomfortable folks ever to visit your head. But he sticks around and haunts us all. For readers struggling with the reality of evil in the world and in ourselves, and who have hard questions about justice.
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    Don Everts
    Genre Christian , Comedy & Humour , Religion & Beliefs
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    InterVarsity Press
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