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    The Flinch Factor
    The Flinch Factor
    A Rachel Gold Mystery
    Several years have passed since we last saw stunning, savvy attorney Rachel Gold. She was then engaged to be married. Since, she's become a mother, then a widow, and now a reluctant participant in a lost cause: the Frankenstein Case. She represents a blue - collar neighborhood fighting a powerful developer intent on bulldozing their homes to erect a swanky gated community. Rachel's strategy will be based on the wild card that is the judge on the case - a judge so wacky he's known to the St. Louis Bar as ''The Flinch Factor.'' Then Rachel gains another new client: Susannah, sister of Nick Moran, the heartthrob of every woman whose kitchen he remodeled. Nick has been murdered, found slumped on the front seat of his pickup along an isolated lane known to the vice squad as Gay Way. His pants are unzipped, a coil of rubber tubing lies on the seat, an empty syringe on the floor. His female groupies are, to say the least, stunned. His sister is convinced that it is foul play. Although Susannah seems the classic adoring younger sister, a skeptical Rachel agrees to check it out. To her surprise, she turns up facts suggesting that maybe, just maybe, Nick's death was not an accident. Are NIck's death and Rachel's Frankenstein case somehow related?
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    US$ 26.99

    Book Author
    Michael A. Kahn
    Genre Crime & Thrillers , Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Poisoned Pen Press
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