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    The Gene Makeover
    The Gene Makeover
    The 21st Century Anti-Aging Breakthrough
    You know how victims and perpetrators are identified by their DNA on TV shows like ''CSI'' and ''Law & Order.'' Now, that same science can help you lead a longer, healthier life. DNA-deoxyribonulceic acid-is the chemical inside your cells that carries the genetic instructions that make you unique. Aging occurs in DNA as cells replicate themselves continually in a process similar to photocopying. As the normal functioning of our cells becomes less efficient over time due to environmental, lifetyle and hereditary factors, those cells produce less accurate copies, causing malfunctioning throughout the body that results in degenerative diseases and aging. Thanks to the latest advances in genetic science, you no longer have to be a victim of your genetic inheritance. Dr. Giampapa and other researchers have developed a new concept called Personal Genetic Health (PGH). This pioneering PGH Program is based on determining what's needed to promote each individual's health and longevity. By identifying the activity level of five key groups of health control genes and then influencing their favorabole expression with nutraceuticals, supplements, exercise, and lifestyle changes, you can increase your lifespan and decrease your risk of developing certain diseases. By addressing the causes of disease and aging-and actually reversing them-this new anti-aging frontier allows you to control your health and well-being. Now you have the proactive power to optimize the quality of your life.
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