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    The God Upgrade
    The God Upgrade
    Finding Your 21st-Century Spirituality in Judaism's 5,000-Year-Old Tradition
    For people who don't believe that God can intervene in our lives, and why Judaism is still important.<br/>''Judaism has so much to teach us about how we treat ourselves, each other, and our planet.... Of course, you can learn these values elsewhere. But as a people, Jews have thousands of years of experience turning this kind of stuff over and over. [We've] had millions of users working to debug the system. Rather than look to other sources for guidance, let us turn to our own people's past to discover what it has to say about our present and our future.''<br/> - from the Introduction<br/>For some people, the biggest stumbling block in religion is God - even for an ordained rabbi who admits her rational mind ''can't buy into a God in the sky who writes down our deeds and rewards and punishes us accordingly.'' But not being sold on an intervening God shouldn't bar you from living a vibrant and fulfilling Jewish life. The God concept has seen many upgrades over the centuries and it is these reinterpretations that have kept Judaism relevant.<br/>In this provocative look at the ways in which God concepts have evolved and been upgraded through the centuries, Adventure Rabbi Jamie Korngold examines how our changing ideas of God have shaped every aspect of Judaism. With enthusiasm and humor, she shows that by aligning our understanding of God with modern sensibilities, Judaism can be made more meaningful, accessible and fully compatible with twenty - first - century life.<BR/>
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    Rabbi James S. Korngold
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    Jewish Lights Publishing
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