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    The Nutrient-Dense Eating Plan
    The Nutrient-Dense Eating Plan
    A Lifetime Eating Guide to Exceptional Foods for Super Health
    Nutrient-dense eating refers to the nutritional quality of a food and to the highly concentrated, vitally important foods eaten on the plan. They are the opposite of empty-calorie foods that eventually degrade health and lead to debilitating diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity, says the author. He believes the dominant eating disorder of this culture is the ambivalent, adversarial relationship people have with food, and in this carefully focused book, he elaborates on the reasons for this, among them the complete capture of our food habits by the profit-oriented, chemical-dependent agribusinesses and fast-food companies that have succeeded in fragmenting the environment and the food itself, ultimately shortchanging everyone. Dr. Margel believes that reconnecting to ancestral wisdom, to food as it always was, pure and simple, with people understanding that you are what you eat, and eating as if it really mattered, holds the key to stopping the downward spiral of poor eating patterns that lead to even poorer health. The way to achieve this, he says, is through the Nutrient-Dense Eating Plan, a common sense approach to food and the ways people choose to eat, and an easily understandable way to evaluate food for its quality and denseness. The book is divided into four parts. ;
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