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    The Pagan-Christian Connection Exposed
    The Pagan-Christian Connection Exposed
    What can a Jewish scholar and theologian teach a Christian about Christianity? Plenty! Michael Rood proves God's power with hold - in - your - hand evidence. He explodes long - held Christian traditions and skillfully uses the bible to lead us back to irrefutable truths from the Word of God. In <i>Book 1: Sodom and Gomorrah Revisited</i>, what appeared to be distant, non - descript rock formations in the middle of the sun - parched Israeli desert turn out to be the ashen remains of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah - still standing and covered with millions of chunks of brimstone! Join Rood on the shore of the Dead Sea, where the quest for these ancient cities begins. In <i>Book 2: Truth vs. Tradition: The Heavyweight Battle of the Ages</i>, traditions can blind us from the truth and cause us to wander in the myopic fog of man - made religion for an entire lifetime. Join Rood on a journey ''out of Babylon'' and away from its pagan traditions to uncover long - lost truths preserved in the Bible. The reader is invited to leave behind his modern, western Gentile mentality behind as Rood explores Scriptures from a Hebrew perspective. This is the paradigm shift for which readers have been waiting their entire lifetimes.
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