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    The Poet's Funeral
    The Poet's Funeral
    I know that Heidi Yamada had a profound, lasting effect on every one of us who will be speaking to you today. Every one of us was changed by knowing her. She was that kind of person: beautiful, stylish, funny, original to the point of being unique, and disruptive in the best possible sense: she turned our lives around. As for me, it is no exaggeration to say Heidi Yamada made me what I am today: a publisher. If Heidi had not walked into my life in the spring of 1980, I would no doubt still be a small-town, small-time merchant, selling used books and barely getting by. But, by the grace of Erato, Heidi did walk into my store, and into my life, and she offered me a manuscript that was to become her first published book, and mine as well. From The Poet's Funeral Rave Reviews for The Poet's Funeral ''Daniel turns the 1990 Las Vegas ABA convention (now known as BEA) into a murder site in this delicious send up of the book trade... The author lampoons everything from the overstuffed 'collector's editions' to the self-importance of critics and the self-interest of publishers and agents as he parades a growing list of suspects in Heidi's demise''.
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