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    The Prince and the Nun
    The Prince and the Nun
    Reviews I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this book. You will need to keep an open mind when reading this story about a group of nuns who become prostitutes. This book is one of the more controversial erotic novels I've read recently. The Prince and the Nun offers another outlook on the oldest profession, with a twist! Although at times Prince Mefist and his sister, Wanda, are blasé about what is forced on these nuns, I still found this story kept me interested to discover the fate of these women. It was well written and it displayed emotional depth and character development, as well as the differing viewpoints of the various characters. The author does not intentionally set out to titillate her readers. The Prince and the Nun is interesting and there are some very HOT moments in the book with some very tasteful scenes. The premise offered here is that this may be a situation borne out of the necessity of war; these women simply have no other choice. Aggie Tsirikas The Prince and the Nun is the finest thing I have read, combining history, characterization & erotica - - believable erotica - - in decades. The characters are fine, the plot is excellent, the good guys believable without being insipid, the bad guys abominable without being demonic. The story line gives insight into aspects of the period I had never known before and hardly suspected. Higher praise I don't think I could find for a literary work. Jane Gallion, Literary Editor, Renaissance eBooks Wow, talk about breaking some taboos! I found the story to be engaging, the characters well - rounded and the dialogue believable. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was honest humor in these pages as well as sex scenes that are just the right touch of spice that I enjoy. It was fascinating to view these experiences from the eyes of Therese and the other nuns. I especially enjoyed the character of Captain Prince Franz Mefist, the Adjutant of the Army brigade that occupies the castle. It is he who gives Therese the ultimatum and he who supervises the nuns' training as the officers' ''''''''girls''''''''. He is aristocratic with an air of privilege that brooks no compromise, yet is kind and sympathetic to their plight, even as he gives them no room to refuse. As the nuns enter their new profession, they learn several things - there are many wonderful scenes involving their ''''''''enlightenment'''''''', but I won't spoil the fun by divulging everything here. Suffice to say that I recommend that you go read the book. Jacqueline has done a bang - up job and I hope you all enjoy it.
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