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    The Supplement Pyramid
    The Supplement Pyramid
    How to Build your Personalized Nutritional Regimen
    Like traditional food pyramids that help us design and follow a healthy diet, The Supplement Pyramid is an educational tool that can be personalized to meet anyone's specific nutritional needs. With its three - tiered plan - comprised of the foundational, personalization, and optimization levels - The Supplement Pyramid helps readers design a nutritional regimen that meets their unique needs. Step - by - step instructions and detailed medical quizzes, along with useful information about blood testing, help readers determine the most important nutritional supplements for their bodies - and this becomes an ideal personalized menu from which to choose. Knowing which supplements to take is only half the battle. Purchasing high - quality nutritional supplements in essential for success, and therefore Dr. Smith covers all the information readers need to know to be sure they are making the best investment in their health. Written in easy - to - understand language and providing a wealth of vital information, The Supplement Pyramid will put all the questions to rest so we can each move toward an optimal personalized supplement regimen.
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    Michael A. Smith, M.D., Sara Lovelady and Suzanne Somers
    Genre Family, Health & Fitness
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Basic Health Publications, Inc.
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