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    The Thyroid Paradox
    The Thyroid Paradox
    How to Get the Best Care for Hypothyroidism
    Don't be satisfied with business-as-usual health care. If you suffer low thyroid - or think you might - and want to learn more, especially if you're unsatisfied with the answers you're getting from your doctor, this book is for you. An estimated 5.8% of women and 3.4% of men in the United States are hypothyroid. Low thyroid is common, yet, paradoxically, may be rampantly overlooked. Why? As you'll discover in The Thyroid Paradox, there is a pervasive oversimplification of thyroid science and mainstream treatment of thyroid patients today. Current thyroid testing has weaknesses and should be interpreted, not in a vacuum, but as part of a diagnostic process based on all the evidence. Too often, doctors simply stick to test results and miss patients suffering with subtle hypothyroidism. The Thyroid Paradox is for the person who's been told ''It's not your thyroid,'' without then being told convincingly what it is. Maybe you've been told nothing is wrong but know there must be some reason for your chronic fatigue, body aches, weight gain, dry skin, constipation, ''brain fog,'' depression, or menstrual irregularity. This book provides the answers for you. You'll learn about: The loopholes in current thyroid testing; Hidden forms of hypothyroidism and how to detect them; The best strategies for thyroid replacement. The path out of the thyroid paradox is engaged teamwork involving both doctor and patient. This book should provide you with the knowledge you need to communicate and work with your doctor to get the treatment you deserve.
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