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    The Transformation
    The Transformation
    Healing Your Past Lives to Realize Your Soul's Potential
    In The Instruction, Ainslie MacLeod gave readers the tools to identify their soul type and discover their deeper purpose.Now with The Transformation, this gifted psychic brings readers the most critical practice for enabling their spiritual evolution; healing the fears from past lives. ''So much of what holds us back from achieving our potential in this life is baggage we are carrying from previous incarnations,'' teaches Ainslie.In this engrossing investigation of the importance of past-life healing to our growth, he explores; The 10 types of fears that carry over from past lives - and how each one contains the seed of its own healing The three-step method for identifying and transforming your past-life blockages Reaching ''Stage-Four Consciousness'' - the next evolutionary step your soul is striving to take How the human species is clearing out our collective past-life traumas to make way for a global transformation.
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    Ainslie MacLeod
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