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    The Truth Advantage
    The Truth Advantage
    The 7 Keys to a Happy and Fulfilling Life
    This is a remarkable, dramatic, and truly helpful book. Studies show that most people lie once or twice a day and deceive more than thirty people a week. While we may consider most of these lies innocent white lies, in The Truth Advantage Lis Wiehl shows that lies are not as harmless as we may think they are. The truth is a powerful tool that can help us improve every aspect of our lives - from careers to friendships to relationships with family and loved ones.<br/>In The Truth Advantage Wiehl includes the Truth Advantage Lie Detector, which shows you how to tell if someone is not being truthful with you. Wiehl shares the secrets of how psychiatrists, private investigators, trial attorneys, and other ''people readers'' get to the truth by using specific techniques to dig for facts and unearth the truth, including looking for the right visual and auditory clues and asking the right questions.<br/>Wiehl shows how to encourage everyone you meet to be fully honest with you, helping to build better bonds, more trust, and deeper personal commitments. Using news stories, court cases, and personal anecdotes, Wiehl gives you The Truth Advantage 7 Keys to unlock the truth, enrich your life, and bring you greater happiness and fulfillment.<br/>
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    Lis Wiehl and Bruce Littlefield
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